Unveiling the Mask

Deon Kipping once wrote a song titled “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through”. The song simply says: If my life had a voice and told you my journey you wouldn’t believe it and because of His grace there’s no way you can see it, and if my
scars did not heal, and if his love did not shield me, you would see that I don’t look like what I used to be. I don’t look like what I’ve been through. For every day I’m alive, I thank God I survived. Now there’s a smile where I’ve cried, there’s
been such a change in my life. I can smile now, no longer mad now, everything new now, because I went through. I don’t look like what I’ve been through.  

From the very moment the doctor verbalizes the words “you have breast cancer”, as a survivor we immediately plunge into survival mode focusing solely on defeating breast cancer; not allowing ourselves to succumb to this deadly disease.  As we penetrate the battle ground, we are willing to endure every chemo therapy treatment, every second of radiation, permeate countless surgeries, and other ailments that are brought on from this deadly disease called breast cancer in
order to continue this journey called life. At the finish line of our treatments, we celebrate that we have annihilated cancer! We have a 2nd chance at life! We’ve made it!

Now that we have defeated breast cancer some may think we should be happy. Right? Not comprehending that although we have won the fight, cancer leaves a very strong indentation that it was once there. Survivors are left with one or no breasts, body disfigurement, surgery scars, permanent hair loss, no reproductive organs after being forced to have a hysterectomy, neuropathy, and countless other ailments. We continue to exist, wearing a mask that everything is all right. We mask the emotional pain of not having any breasts, having no hair, painful scars, being no longer able to
procreate, etc. (things that make us feel beautiful and whole as women). As if cancer wasn’t enough, there are now added insecurities and self-doubt. These things constantly remind us of our battle and it becomes a mental war. You continuously ask yourself am I still beautiful? Am I still attractive to my spouse? How will I continue living on? The “what ifs” live rent free in your mind.

However, today, right this very moment, we “UNVEIL THE MASK”! We are deciding to live today! We embrace each flaw as a reminder that WE/I MADE IT! Each scar has a story. Shout it to the mountain top that YOU MADE IT! Take a daring look at yourself and speak to your insecurities. Tell them that they have no dominion over your body! They have no power! Today we shall live and not die. The Pink Angels Foundation challenges you to demand confidence, consign to the grave self-doubt, and become
audacious in your beauty! We challenge you to Unveil Your Mask today!